Can you imagine being taken away from your mom when you were just a baby? What about being hit repeatedly by your kidnappers and having your legs chained, sometimes for days at a time? That’s not something anyone would ever want to happen, right? Of course not! But this is real life for baby elephants used and abused in circuses—like her:

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End illegal ivory sales in the US

Invite your friends to sign the petition to US Fish and Wildlife Service

Posted By: WWF (World Wildlife Fund / World Wide Fund for Nature) (campaign leader) Thank you for standing with us to save wild elephants. As of this morning, nearly 25,000 people joined you in signing the petition to end the sale of illegal ivory in the US. Will you help us reach our goal to double that? The more people who stand with us, the better chance we have that the administration will hear us when we say that slaughtering elephants for their tusks is not acceptable. We must end the illegal ivory trade in the US now. Share this image on Facebook and Twitter and ask others to stand with you by signing the petition. Elephants need us! More than 30,000 elephants were slaughtered last year just for their tusks, which are used to make ivory trinkets and carvings and then sold on the black market in the United States and around the world. But with your action today, we are working together to end that. Thanks for your continued support!

End the Elephant Slaughter

In the last fifty years, 95% of Africa’s elephants have been slaughtered. Every fifteen minutes another elephant is killed by poachers. This slaughter is fueled by the international ivory trade, of which a significant amount flows into the United States. In order to protect this exceedingly rare and majestic animal, the U.S. must impose strict penalties on the international trade of elephant ivory.

End the Elephant Slaughter

Act Now to End Elephant Slaughter




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