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Is Democracy Overrated? Q&A with Columnist David Harsanyi. Jim Crow in the Classroom: New Report Finds Segregation Lives on in U.S. Schools. Toms River: How a Small Town Fought Back Against Corporate Giants for Toxic Dumping Linked to Cancer. Rescued Bear Cubs EMERGE!

“I think the Founders weren’t weary enough of democracy,” says David Harsanyi, senior editor at The Federalist and a nationally syndicated columnist. “I think there are bigger problems with it.”

Harsanyi sat down with Reason TV‘s Nick Gillespie to discuss his new book, The People Have Spoken and They Are Wrong: The Case Against Democracy, why we put too much weight on voting, and why praising democracy is just celebrating mob rule.

“Democracy’s just a process that reflects the morals and ethics of the people who vote,” he said. “It doesn’t guarantee you freedom—just check out the Gaza Strip or Egypt or anywhere else.”

About nine minutes.

Edited by Amanda Winkler. Camera by Joshua Swain and Winkler.

As the U.S. Supreme Court upholds a ban on affirmative action in Michigan and the country marks 60 years since the landmark decision of Brown v. Board of Education, we look at how segregation is still pervasive in U.S. public schools. An explosive new report in ProPublica finds school integration never fully occurred, and in recent decades may have even been reversed. Focusing on three generations of the same family in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, the story concludes: “While segregation as it is practiced today may be different than it was 60 years ago, it is no less pernicious: in Tuscaloosa and elsewhere, it involves the removal and isolation of poor black and Latino students, in particular, from everyone else. In Tuscaloosa today, nearly one-in-three black students attends a school that looks as if Brown v. Board of Education never happened.”

Environmental reporter Dan Fagin joins us to discuss his book, “Toms River: A Story of Science and Salvation,” which has just won the Pulitzer Prize for General Nonfiction. Fagin tells the story of how a small New Jersey town fought back against industrial pollution and astronomical rates of childhood cancer, and ultimately won one of the largest legal settlements in U.S. history. “We don’t look for patterns, we don’t analyze those patterns. That is a terrible tragedy,” Fagins says of the failure to examine environmental and industrial data gathered by local, state and federal agencies. “People are dying because we do not do effective public health surveillance in this country.”

After a pregnant bear named Ursula was rescued by PETA and “The Simpsons” co-creator Sam Simon following a tip from the Atlanta Humane Society, she disappeared into her cozy new den at The Wild Animal Sanctuary. That was last winter—now it’s spring, and you can watch her emerge from hibernation for the first time with her two newborn cubs! In her previous role as an “entertainment bear,” Ursula’s cubs were always taken away from her. These she gets to keep!

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