Yummmmy….Shark Fin.

California’s shark fin trade ban wins in court!

Thanks to you, California’s shark fin trade ban has survived another challenge!

Earlier this year, you stood up for sharks when the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) threatened California’s shark fin trade ban. Nearly 25,000 Oceana supporters spoke out in support of state shark fin bans and thanks to you, NOAA dropped its opposition to three of those bans, including California’s.

Additionally, opponents to the ban filed suit after the lawwhich bans the possession, trade and sale of shark fins through Californiawas passed. Last week sharks won a victory when a federal court ruled that the California state ban is legal.

State bans like this one are important—prior to this law, more shark fins were imported into California than anywhere else in our nation.  Reducing the demand for shark fins in California helps take the pressure off of sharks overseas, where many sharks are overfished and cruelly finned. And thanks to you, California’s shark fin law holds strong.

We’re continuing to fight to protect several other threatened state bans and to save sharks from threats like overfishing and becoming caught as bycatch. And with you on our side, we know we can win more victories. Thank you for standing with us!

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