Why Do People From Idaho Love Killing Live Animals? It’s Very Odd behavior to Want to Kill Living Things So Much!

Take action for Idaho wolves!

Wolf Close-Up (Photo: Michael Quinton/NGS Stock)

Idaho has gone too far with their endless assaults on wolves.

Less than five years after losing federal protection, it is clearer than ever that the state refuses to manage its wolf population responsibly.

That’s why today, Defenders of Wildlife officially requested that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) immediately initiate a status review of wolves in the Northern Rockies and examine the relentless threats that this species has encountered since being stripped of Endangered Species Act protection back in 2011.

Join us in calling on FWS to review the status of Idaho’s persecuted wolf population.

The call for this status review is the first step toward restoring Endangered Species Act protection to wolves in Idaho and other Northern Rockies states.

Instead of managing their wolves like other wildlife, the state of Idaho has declared war on them.

In the less than three years since Congress stripped Idaho’s wolves of protection, the state has:

  • Used aerial gunning to wipe out entire packs, including those on national forest lands, to artificially boost elk populations;
  • Allowed hunting of wolves every day of the year;
  • Doubled the number of wolves that could be trapped or snared from five to ten;
  • Sent a professional trapper to eliminate two packs of wolves in a federal wilderness area;
  • Has proposed killing 60 percent of the remaining wolves in the Frank Church Wilderness; and
  • Recently passed HB470 into law setting aside an annual amount of $400,000 for the sole purpose of killing as many wolves as possible.

Please take immediate action and demand that FWS review the status of Idaho wolves!

The Governor of Idaho has made no secret of his intention to reduce the state’s wolf population to 150 animals or less – which would require initially killing more than 450 wolves and their young as more are born.

We warned this would happen – when federal protections are removed, wolves die.

Please take action immediately!

More than 450 wolves, including new born pups, could die under Idaho’s new law.

take action save wolves button

Tell FWS to officially review the status of wolves in Idaho – before it’s too late.

Petition to stop the slaughter of ravens in Idaho

A couple of weeks ago, I came across a small news article explaining that the Idaho Department of Fish and Game had received a permit from the United State Dept. of Agriculture (I think it was Ag) to kill 4000 ravens. This is proposed under the guise of protecting the sage-grouse, which, I believe, is being added to the endangered species list. The sage-grouse does need protection but here’s the problem. There are 19 factors that have caused their populations to decline, most the result of human activity. Predation by other creatures is #12 and ravens are the only ones that have been singled out, although there are many. Killing ravens will do little if anything at all to mitigate the problems the sage-grouse face.

I was so upset that I took it on myself to create a petition and I hope some of you will consider signing it.

There is a bias among many people against ravens and crows–their voices are not lyrical and some people see them as bullies or as symbols of evil. But recent studies show that they are among the most intelligent creatures on earth and actually may be the most intelligent. They have complex societies, young stay with their parents for years and they even have a ritual that humans would call a funeral when one of their own dies. Killing 4000 of these remarkable birds will reverberate through their community for generations.

You’ll find my petition here: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/114/2…-4000-ravens/#

And just so you know, I have NO financial or professional interest in this. It is a simple act of love. I have long adored ravens and crows. And Edgar Allen Poe, too.

Big huge thanks to all who take the time to sign.

Photo Copyright Jim Robertson

Photo Copyright Jim Robertson


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