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A rescued chimpanzee hugs caretaker after being released into the wild.

This touching video shows us a group of chimpanzees that are released in the wild (islands that are part of a sanctuary) after they were treated from the rescuers (including Dr. Jane Goodall) in a rehabilitation center because of various diseases and problems. It is a nice documentary with a strong message.

Commend Animal Shelter for Reuniting Lost Pets with Families After Mudslide


After the mudslide in Washington, many animals were separated from their owners. A local shelter has graciously responded by providing lost and found services for those affected by the mudslide. Applaud this shelter for working to reunite these animals with their loving families. Read More

Pua Release

Entangled Pup Pua Is Finally Free

Pua is released at Chimney Rock, Point Reyes National Seashore.

Conner Jay © The Marine Mammal Center

California sea lion pup Pua—whose name means “flower” in Hawaiian—was found struggling in the surf near Santa Cruz, California, with potentially deadly monofilament fishing line wrapped around her neck.

She was underweight, malnourished and in poor health when she arrived at The Marine Mammal Center in early March.

Since then, Pua’s entanglement wound has healed significantly. So after about a month of care and plenty of fish, our veterinary staff deemed Pua ready for release.

She returned to her ocean home last week at Chimney Rock in Point Reyes National Seashore.

Watch a slideshow of Pua’s release and read her story >>

Ziggy Star at Mystic Aquarium

Ziggy Flew, Thanks to You!

Ziggy Star on the deck of her new pool at Mystic Aquarium.

With your help and well wishes, Ziggy Star, a northern fur seal, arrived safely at her new home at Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut.

Ziggy Star has come a long way since she was found collapsed on a Mendocino beach, severely emaciated and barely alive in April of 2013. Thanks to generous folks like you, we were able to give Ziggy the long-term care she needed until she could travel to her new home. There she’ll be able to thrive despite the neurological condition that prevents her from being returned to the wild.

Read more about Ziggy Star and her time at The Marine Mammal Center.


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