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Egypt‘s Courts Further Repression With Journos on Trial & Mass Deat…The Right to Heal: 11 Years After Iraq Invasion, U.S. Urged on Reparations for War’s Enduring Wounds. Obama to Visit Saudi Arabia, Key Source of Funding for Growing Jihadi Militarism in Middle East . Exotic Pets Threatened Due to Ohio’s Pointless New Regulations on Animal Ownership. Pigs Dragged and Beaten on North Carolina Factory Farm. New Rules: Whomever the HR person is that hires Secret Service people for the POTUS, Needs to be fired TODAY!  And, ‘No One Likes A Dirty Beach’ is in stores now and 3 All Mighty Performs Live this week to celebrate Woman’s Appreciation Month!

Egypt is facing international criticism after the largest mass sentencing in its modern history. On Monday, 529 supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi were ordered killed over the death of a single police officer in protests last summer. The trial lasted just over two days, with the majority tried in absentia. The exceptionally swift trial and harsh sentences mark a new escalation of the Egyptian military regime’s crackdown on Morsi supporters, which has led to hundreds of deaths and thousands of arrests. In another closely watched trial, Al Jazeera journalists Peter Greste, Baher Mohamed and Mohamed Fahmy have been denied bail after nearly three months in prison. They are accused of belonging to or aiding a terrorist organization. Meanwhile two leading Egyptian activists have been freed after over 100 days behind bars

In 2011, Ohio exotic animal owner Terry Thompson committed suicide after setting over 50 animals loose. No civilians were injured, but the story received widespread media attention and Ohioans called for action. The state responded by passing the Dangerous Animal Act in record time, introducing rigid regulations for all exotic animal owners.

“To focus on this, and this law, as fast as they did and to pass it as fast as they did was nothing but a knee-jerk reaction,” says Cyndi Huntsman, president of Stump Hill Farm in Massillon, OH. Hunstman and a few other exotic animal owners banded together to sue the state over the act, and in early March 2014, the court ruled to uphold it.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture told Reason that federal qualifications and requirements are too loose and don’t properly manage the ownership of the animals, but Huntsman says that the new state restrictions are keeping neither society nor the exotic animals any safer.

Video footage obtained in this PETA investigation revealed horrific cruelty to mother pigs and their piglets on a farm owned by Murphy Family Ventures, LLC, a supplier to the world’s largest pig-killing company, Smithfield Foods, Inc.

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