Another oil leak reported in southern Utah; At The Grand Staircase Now….Which I have been and down my few times myself….

(Leah Hogsten | The Salt Lake Tribune) Burnt sagebrush and oil-covered junipers line the perimeter of the pond at Citation Oil Company’s #11 oil well leak in Dixie National Forest, Wednesday, April 2, 2014. “The oil made its way under the snow to a pond that was directly downhill from the release,” according to a Forest Service statement. “On several occasions since the release, Citation Oil personnel ignited and burned off the oil that had gathered on top of the pond and around the edges.” This spill is located about 10 miles southwest of the town of Escalante and about three miles north of the Little Valley leak in the Upper Valley Oil Field.
Newest spill » Citation Oil leak in Dixie National Forest is near the one discovered in Grand Staircase Monument.

The size of the spill in Dixie National Forest remains uncertain, according to Forest Service spokesman Joe Harris. He said the agency is unsure whether the leak exceeds 10 barrels, the prerequisite for a “reportable incident” under federal guidelines.

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