Dogs From Hoarding Situation Begin New Lives

On Thursday, December 12th, the Ohio SPCA received a plea for help. An older man in poor health had too many dogs. Within 48 hours, the volunteer-staffed Ohio SPCA Response Team was on the scene to remove the dogs. Their lives had consisted of muddy unsafe pens and makeshift doghouses. These dogs are now safe and warm and their real lives as companions will begin. Gone are the chains, the snow, and the ice. Life will be good now.

In addition to dogs and cats, the Ohio SPCA is being overwhelmed with reports of horse abuse and neglect. On December 13th, Rocky, a Morgan horse was transported to an equine hospital with a body score of 1.0. Rocky spent months tied to a tree and was starving to death. His care, as with all horses will be costly, and the road to recovery will be long. 

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THE TRUTH: Our emergency veterinary funds are depleted. We don’t like to ask for money, but we can’t heal sick bodies or restore broken spirits without the help of many. The Ohio SPCA cannot continue to respond to reports of animal cruelty without sufficient funding for veterinary care, feed, and sheltering. We operate on a shoe-string budget and we are proud of all that we can do. But… we want to be able to help more animals, as the winter already promises to be harsh with many horses, livestock, and companion animals needing our help. 

If you are unable to give, please share our website and Facebook pages with others. Many people are not aware of our existence, as we do not spend money on marketing. We spend money on saving lives.

Give the gift of life this holiday season. 

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